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We take pride in our premium canned fruit and thus take pride in our quality-focused growers. We buy only the best fruit and try to support our local growers as much as possible. The Northwest has great soil and climate, ideal for growing fruit full of flavor and minerals.

Here are our growers that make Hood-Crest Fruit the BEST EVER!

Light Cherries Ben Synon, The Dalles, OR
Dark Cherries Gary Curtiss, The Dalles, OR
Apricots Zoria Farms San Jose, CA
Plums Dave Eischen Cornelius, OR
Peaches Gary Curtiss, The Dalles, OR
Pride Packaging, Wapato, WA
Robison Fruit Ranch, Caldwell, ID
Symms Fruit Ranch, Caldwell, ID
Williamson Orchard, Caldwell, ID
Pears Diamond Fruit Growers, Hood River, OR